DOY Rules

MNSFA 2018 Designer of the year final 2.0


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    Theme: Around the world
    Bring a creative design that interprets a city or place to inspire fair attendees.
    Each design category (Bridal and Designer Choice) will be evaluated separately.
    New this year $50.00 prize for top 10 in each category. To qualify for top 6 live
    design off you must participate in both categories. Scores will be combined to
    determine six finalists. Live design off at The Dirt Stage at 6pm.
    1. $35 per person nonrefundable entry fee. Payment and the registration form must be done online on or before
    Friday, August 24th, 2016. Entry fee includes State Fair admission and parking for the day of the competition.
    The entry tickets and parking pass will be mailed to you—prior to competition. Registrations after the 24th will
    need to arrange pick up of tickets and pass. A ticket is necessary to drop off arrangement.
    2. Each entry will consist of two designs: one “Designer Choice” and one “Bridal Bouquet”. The wholesale
    cost of the each entry must not exceed $75.00 wholesale (at least 60% being fresh product). The entry
    must include a product list with costs completed in detail. Every product used needs a fair market value
    assigned. Any additional props used must be included in cost. A plain vase used for displaying the bridal
    bouquet does not need to be included in cost. Vases not provided.
    3. Designs must convey the “Around the World” theme. Each design must fit in the designated size 30” L x 24”
    W. There is no height restriction for any arrangement. Entries will be limited to one set per person. Designs
    will be split into different areas for display they do not need to coordinate. Electrical outlets are not available.
    4. **** A 3 x5 c ard MUST be a dded to each design to e xpla in your design in terpretation and the location you
    have chosen to feature. ** Two places can be shown they are not evaluated as a set.
    Do not include any business identification on this card or it will be disqualified.
    **Changed to requirement -this prompted lots of interaction for viewing audience.
    5. Designs can be brought to the Horticulture Building from 6:00 am to 7:30 am. Your entry must be checked in
    by 8:00 AM. The room will be cleared at 8:15. Anyone arriving after 8:00 will be disqualified– plan
    according traffic and parking will be backed up. Judging will take place from 8:15 –11pm – Room will open
    for viewing as soon as judging is finished. Results will be posted and finalists notified by 2:00 pm.
    6. All designs must be complete when you check in with MNSFA staff at the registration table in the
    Horticulture Building. You will receive information and draw your entry numbers. You may only fine tune
    your design at this time. Place the item number and completed product list within the assigned display
    space. Please clean up your area, storage boxes may be placed under skirted table. You must sign
    instructions for pickup or disposal of your arrangement.
    7. A panel of at least 5 qualified judges will evaluate each design. Your score is determined by discarding the
    highest and lowest score of each design and then the average of the three remaining scores will
    determine the final value of each design. A separate judge from a local wholesaler will serve as
    cost/product judge to verify prices and measure size. Judging sheets will be available after 4:00 pm at
    the registration desk of the display room.
    8. After judging is complete, business cards or brochures may be left by your entries for public promotion of
    your business. No prize drawings or coupons will be allowed. If you want volunteer’s to place by designs
    bring them in a zip lock baggie to the check in desk so they can be labeled correctly and stored for restock.
    9. The top six combined scores will be awarded finalists purple ribbons and are qualified for the live
    surprise package design off competition at 6:00 pm. Finalists need to be present at 5pm, meet at “The
    Peg Restaurant” on the side of the horticulture building.
    10. Your design must stay on display through 9:00 pm on Thursday, Aug 30th. Designs can be
    picked up between 9 and 9:15 pm. At 9:1 5 floral d esig ns will be discarded u nless prior arrangem ents
    have b een m ade. We must clear room by 9:30 pm. MNSFA is not responsible to return designs or
    containers. Free entry and parking are allowed after 9pm in the horticulture lot with the supplied parking