2011 Summit

The MNSFA Summit

Since 2009 MNSFA has sponsored a state wide summit. The Summit is an overdue departure from other attempts and is an absolute unique experience. The fundamental philosophy is simple – The Summit respects, pushes and celebrates the flower industry in MN.

Each year a new subject and goal are tackled. The groups are comprised of choice applicants from around the entire state and are hand selected by the Summit committee  We encourage  members of the floral industry, including shop owners and employees, wholesaler’s owners and sales persons and free lance designers to apply.  Collectively the group examines and discusses the issues and ideas are born. These ideas’s may be for the entire states floral industry or may be smaller and perfect to implement in your shop.  Everyone has something different to bring to summit and everyone takes something different from it.

MNSFA President Kym Erickson had this to say about the last two Summits “ The Summit is the adult version of going to summer camp- — Everyone goes in expecting one thing and comes out with something  entirely different – the growth and motivation as individuals and as MNSFA members is notable  in just 3 days!”

The summit requires open minded individuals whom have these minimum reqirements.

Compromising: Must be able to work together to formulate plans that will be implemented by most florists within today’s budgets.

Forthcoming: Devote some of your time and help gain the support of florists to invest their personal time to implement the plan.

Innovative: If you believe that plans are need to bring us together as an industry to capture home decorating and gift market share from other industries – and not create competition among fellow florists.

Approachable: If you believe in order to promote learning, the successes and failures of the ideas must be shared among members openly.

Visionary: You recognize that the world has changed, business has changed and the industry must change to survive. You can appreciate the impact that one or a few good ideas that are followed through to then can have a profound impact on our world.

The 2011 Summit will be held in Northern Minnesota on October 24th -26th. The location is the Cove Point Lodge in Beaver Bay, MN. The lodging cost is $100 per night and Food cost is $110.00 per person. Reservations can be made directly at the Cove Point Lodge at 800-598-3221, (each participant is responsible to pay for thier own lodging)

If you would like to be part of this revolutionary event – Fill out and fax the application in today!  or Sign up online. Remember the space is limited and each member of the summit is hand selected by the Summit committee to ensure the most productive and cohesive event.