Our History…

The State Of Minnesota has a rich history of floriculture, dating back to 1907 with the forming of the Twin City Florists’ and Gardener’s Club. This group became the state’s first Florists’ Association in 1908, led by Theodore Wirth, whom was a huge influence and architect of city of Minneapolis. Theodore Wirth (1863–1949) was instrumental in designing the Minneapolis system of parks. Swiss-born, he was widely regarded as the dean of the local parks movement in America. At the time he was the Minneapolis Park Board Superintendent of Parks, and a noted horticulturalist. Floriculture in Minnesota was off to a great start!

Minnesota Floriculture Pioneers and early Flower Pettlers

The very first “Bouquet Maker” in Minnesota, was Lyman M. Ford. He started his nursery in St. Paul’s Midway district in 1851, known as Groveland Garden and Nursery, and later Pioneer Greenhouse. There were a few other early greenhouse builders in the metro area, and of course Bachmans, South of the area. Developemt and urban sprawl eventually took its toll on most of these facilities. As of july 31 2009, for floral retailing – Minneapolis Floral wes the last standing, they have closed – effective August 01 – Selling the busineess to Bachmans. They were the 3rd florist in the Twin Cities — A long history, and I am sure will be missed by many! Now, the former, Robert Stern florsits, who’s boiler house smoke stack, was the tallest structure in Minneapolis prior to the building of the Foshay Tower, now being run as Crystal Lake Floral Design & Orchids by Murphy is the longest run floral seller in town, followed by lindskoogs, a handful of others, and of course Bachmans by the 1920’s. Prior to the 20’s Bachmans sold primarily Produce.

Past Presidents, North Central Florists Association

The Twin City Florists’ and Gardener’s Club formed in 1907, became the Minnesota State Florists’ Association in 1908. The Minnesota Florists’ Public Relations Committee established in 1950, merged with the Minnesota State Florists’ Association to create the Minnesota Allied Florists’ Association in 1960. In 1969, the name was changed to the North Central Florists Association. This was a time that Allied associations were very strong across the county. North Central became the largest with over 1000 members.  In 1997 the group dissolved.

The group was reformed in 2006 with then President Tom Johnson of A. Johnshon and Sons Floral leading the way. Tom was in good company, such historic names in the Twin Cities had blazed a path before him as past presidents, including: Theodore Wirth, O.J. Olson (Holm and Olsen), Hans Rosacker, Carl I. Lindskoog just to name a few…

1908-1911 Theodore Wirth Minneapolis Park Board
1911-1913 Hugh Will Will Brothers Co.
1913-1915 O.J. Olson Holm and Olson
1915-1917 W.D. Desmond a greenhouse operator
1917-1918 LeRoy Cady University of Minnesota
1918-1919 Hans Rosacker Hans Rosacker Co.
1919-1924 Max Kaiser Merriam Park Floral Co.
1924-1926 Hans Rosacker Hans Rosacker Co.
1926-1927 Hugh Will Will Brothers Co.
1927-1930 C.N. Ruedlinger Ruedlinger’s
1930-1932 Henry Rosacker Hans Rosacker Co.
1932-1935 F.W. Topel F.W. Topel Conservatory
1935-1936 Warren D. Olson
1936-1937 Carl I. Lindskoog Lindskoog Florist
1937-1941 Louis Sando University of Minnesota
1941-1943 F.W. Topel F.W. Topel Conservatory
1943-1946 Ralph W. Bachman Bachman’s, Inc.
1946-1948 Joseph Bilski Merriam Park Floral Co.
1948-1950 George H. Olson Holm and Olson
1950-1951 Ralph W. Bachman Bachman’s, Inc.
1951-1952 Robert M. Cashman Cashman Greenhouses, Inc.
1952-1953 Joseph Connolly Connolly Flowers
1953-1955 Ewald N. Hermes Hermes Floral Co.
1955-1958 Stanley F. Bachman Bachman’s, Inc.
1958-1959 Arthur Lange Lange’s Florist
1959-1960 Stanley Hampl Holm and Olson
1960-1961 Lloyd A. Bachman Bachman’s, Inc.
961-1962 Donald C. Lindskoog Lindskoog Florist
1962-1963 Fred Busch, Jr. Busch Brothers
1963-1964 Hans D. Rosacker Hans Rosacker Co.
1964-1965 Glenn Pletscher Pletscher’s Greenhouses, Inc.
1965-1966 Tom D. Wright Twin City Florist Supply, Inc.
1966-1967 Roger O. Schnabel St. Anthony Floral Greenhouses
1967-1968 John R. Johnson * J.R. Johnson Supply, Inc.
1968-1969 Clarence Engwall Engwall Florist & Greenhouse
1969-1971 Theodore C. Whalen Twin City Florist Supply, Inc.
1971-1973 John Hertog Hertog Floral, Inc.
1973-1975 Robert W. Busch Busch Brothers
1975-1977 Jerry Palmer Jerry Palmer Florist
1977-1979 Glenn Pletscher Pletscher’s Greenhouses, Inc.
1979-1981 Paul A. Olson Minneapolis Floral Co.
1981-1983 Marcia Schaff ** Schaff Floral, Inc.
1983-1985 James Dey Dey Brothers Greenhouses
1985-1987 Todd Bachman Bachman’s, Inc.
1987-1989 Wally Peterson Crown Floral
1989-1990 Brian Pletscher Pletscher’s Greenhouses, Inc.
1990-1992 Leonard Busch Len Busch Roses
1992-1994 Donald Hermes Hermes Floral Co.
1994-1996 Jody Puleo Lebens Flowers, Inc.
2006-2009 Tom Johnson A. Johnson & Sons Florists
2009 – Current Kym Erickson Soderbergs Floral.

* Served as president during the transition from a state to a regional floral organization.

** The first female president.