Designer of the Year Competition

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Past Designer of the Year Winners

1964 Ed Bazinet Bachman’s
1965 Glen Kuss Columbia Heights Floral
1966 Rosemary Cremers Bachman’s
1967 David Swanson Bachman’s
1968 Mel Raisanen Mazey’s
1969 Rosalynd Ludwig Toni’s
1970 Marion Pearson Pearson and Sons
1971 Mel Raisanen Mazey’s
1972 Bruce R. Uhter Holm and Olson
1973 Jon Michael Logue Cedar Lake Floral
1974 Diana Morgan Cedar Lake Floral
1975 Ida Miller St Louis Park Florist
1976 Hope Eisign Bo Jon’s Floral
1977 Doug McCormick Engwalls Florist
1978 Michael Valley Riverside Florist
1979 Vicky Macy Johnson Floral
1980 Don Christianson Holm and Olson
1981 Rebecca Elliott Bachman’s
1982 Nancy Griemann Richard Flowers
1983 Laura Armit Toni’s Flowers
1984 Colleen Dvorak Holm and Olson
1985 John Amdahl Toni’s Flowers
1986 Randy Malwitz Distinctive Events
1988 Sandy Meierhofer Bachman’s
1989 Kathy McClure Richfield’s Flowers
1990 Gary Paone Chenoweth Floral Company
1991 Cindy Olson Bachman’s
1992 Rodney Pritchard Flowers by Jerry
1993 Cindy Olson Bachman’s
1994 Nancy Griemann Richfield Floral and Nursery
1995 Sandy Schroeck Bachman’s
1996 Jane Copel Hilltop Florist
1997 Nancy Griemann Richfield Floral and Nursery
2006 Deanna Huffman Broadway Floral Studio
2007 Jean Gust Valley Flowers
2008 Leslie Quan Carriere’s Floral
2009 Jackie Bockwitz Forever Floral
2010 Howard O’Niell Soderberg’s Floral and Gifts
2011 Jackie Bockwitz Forever Floral
2012 Heidi Brady Forever Floral
2013 Sara Gilberto Hilltop Florist
2014 Jackie Bockwitz Forever Floral
2014 Cindy Gates Forever Floral