Certification- Currently MNSFA is not offering this program.

When a person applies for the Minnesota State Certification Program, that individual is on the way to becoming the best!

You will join a select group of professionals who have made a commitment to individual excellence within the floral industry.



Welcome to Professional Certified Florist

The Professional Certified Florist Programs is one of the most complete educational programs in the floral industry. It is divided into three segments: Design Production, Design Management and Master Florist. The program has been developed for the floral industry member with all levels of experience. It is designed to benefit everyone from sales to designers to shop owners. The Professional Certified Florist Program provides a standard of professional excellence which is recognized throughout the industry.

How Do I Start?

It is easy! (Online Registration to Com)

Print out and complete the MNSFA Education Application and Registration

Steps to Becoming a Minnesota Certified Florist

(Individuals who are employed by an MNSFA member shop receive the membership discount)

Step 1 Complete and return the MNCF Education Application. Fax to 612-724-6693 or mail to MNSFA, 3305 East Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN 55406, or call 612-724-3606 for more information – MNCF – Application . ($50 registration fee)*

Step 2 Register online for nine of the twelve courses in this certification program. ($75 MNSFA member / $100 non-member per online course)* Information and online password will be sent to you via email. After each test you will be sent your test results via email.

Step 3 Register for the three hands-on courses when classes are offered by the MNSFA. ($100 MNSFA member / $150 non-member per hands-on course) See Event Schedule for Course Dates.

NOTE: Steps 2 and 3 can be accomplished concurrently. You do not have to complete the Online Classes before taking the Hands-on Classes. You have 2 years to complete the program.

Step 4 Once you have successfully completed all twelve courses, you may register for Minnesota Florist Master Final Exam. ($75 MNSFA / $100 non-member testing fee)

Step 5 Graduation takes place at the Annual MNSFA Banquet. The program is maintained by collecting continuing education points. 15 points are required to be accumulated over a 3 year period. Continuing Education Points are easy to attain- see list. Annual Maintenance Fee is $25.00

Why should you be a certified florist?

As a retail florist, you know the importance of both skillful employees and how much consumers appreciate having their designs created by local professionals. When you have Minnesota Certified Floral Designer at your shop, you’ll get both!

Set Yourself Apart.

The Minnesota Florist Association will market the Certified Florist as both “respected” and “knowledgeable”. When you become certified, customers will prefer you over your competition.

Create Better Work

Part of the certification process involves education of core retail floral knowledge. Regardless of your experience, there’s always something to learn. When you’re certified your work will show it and your customers will know it!

Get Better Employees or Jobs

Any good florist wants to become better. The MNCF program helps you do just that. If you’re a manager or owner, it means you can quickly identify those prospective employees with standardized skill levels. If you’re an employee, it means you become more valuable to your employer.

What is the Minnesota Certified Florist Program?

The Certified Florist Program (MNCF) is an on-line certification program consisting of nine courses pertaining to design and flower shop daily operations. Additionally, three hands-on design courses are offered in a classroom setting. A final test encompassing all twelve courses certifies you as a Master Florist. This program is specifically designed for those in the retail floral industry; the MNCF provides recognition for a standardized, professional level of knowledge and expertise. MNCF is a renewable, “continuing education” form of certification.

Who’s creating MNCF?

Members from the Minnesota Florists Association MNCF Committee administer the MNCF in conjunction with a committee of volunteers including industry experts, university and high school instructors and florist practitioners. This certification program has been in existence since 1985 and has been offered throughout the US and Canada.

The Minnesota Certified Florist Program is solely and exclusively a voluntary program sponsored by the Minnesota Florists Association and is not in any way connected with any agency of the government.

What will I get as a Certified Florist?

  • Recognition of industry peers
  • A certificate proclaiming your achievement. These can be displayed at your place of employment letting customers know that a Minnesota Certified Florist is employed at this establishment.
  • MNCF program is recognized and approved by NAFA – by completing the MNCF program you also achieve and carry the moniker of CF – National recognized Certified Florist.
  • Approved pathway to achieve accreditation of the AIFD (American Institute of Floral Designers)
  • Door stickers and camera-ready artwork for ad layouts.
  • MNSFA will prepare and mail a news release announcing your accomplishment to your
    local newspaper.

How To Do I Start?


Print out and complete the MNCF Education Application and Registration

Fax to 612-724-6693
or mail to MNSFA, 3305 East Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN 55406
or call 612-724-3606 for more information

Information and online password will be sent to you via email.
After each test you will be sent your test results via email.