A Minnesota State Florist Association membership is good business. We save you time and money while making Minnesota Florist Industry stronger. MNSFA membership covers a range of benefits to address the needs of Minnesota’s florists large or small, metro or outstate, or newly opened or even the seasoned, established business. Our members include retail florists, freelance florists, floral students, and associate members which include wholesalers, manufacturers and service providers that work specifically with floral retailers.

Put Money in the Bank
MNSFA provides access to discounts on products and services retailers need to do business each day. Heartland
Payment Systems is the 3rd largest processing company in the country. MNSFA has partnered with HPS for
measurable discounts on credit card processing, payroll and check processing. Membership also entitles you to
significant discounts on every MNSFA event, including educational programs.

Stay Connected
As a member MNSFA keeps you informed on about industry issues and trends that effect Minnesota’s florists with
quarterly newsletters and social events that allow you to network with fellow florists. Our annual convention features educational, informative and design rich-ideas. Volunteers are always welcomed.

Giving You a Voice
MNSFA continually works with elected officials at the state level to shape legislation that affect the floral industry. In 2010, MNSFA leadership was successful in passing state legislation that will protect the public and support MN florists in fighting deceptive advertising on the internet and in yellow/white pages.

Better Yourself
The MN Certified Florist (MNCF) program provides recognition for a standardized, professional level of knowledge and expertise. It is a combination of self study, hands-on and continuing education. MNSFA also offers education classes for the business professional.

Creating Public Awareness
MNSFA maintains a public presence by marketing directly to Minnesota consumers with programs such as:

  • Marketing programs such as MN”s Funeral Directors, the general public at MN State Fair & other high impact events
  • Expanded listing on, linking your website & to our “Find a Florist” database
  • MN Certified Florist-Making us all better florists
  • Designer of the Year and designer education support
  • “Support Your Local Florist” program at the state’s largest events.
  • Mentoring program for young owners or new members.

Membership Requirements and Dues
The Minnesota State Florist Association is on the move to grow our membership. We need your help and we invite you
to join us strengthen our association.

All Florists in Minnesota are automatically listed as a potential member. Premium membership’s entities you to the following benefits:

  • Expanded Listing on; including linkablity to your shop’s website!
  • Use of the MNSFA blog and discuss and chat with Fellow Minnesotan’s in the Flower Industry.
  • Discounted rates on the annual Minnesota State Florist Convention registration, certification/educational
    programs and all events.
  • Opportunities to network and share ideas/resources with fellow experts in the industry.
  • Be part of exciting Marketing opportunities to help grow your business.
  • Enhanced educational programs. Including the MNSFA Certification program.
  • An open forum for discussion and a representative body to speak about issues of concern in government as they affect our industry.
  • Social connections with like minded professionals! A fantastic opportunity to share, be motivated, educated and learn from your peers in a non-competitive environment.
  • Qualify members to enter MNSFA Designer of the year Competition.

Premium members include: ($100.00)

  • Any and all retail florists with a store front in and around (neighboring states such as Wisconsin, South Dakota, north Dakota, and Iowa)
  • Storefront requirements are: refrigeration, inventory of cut flowers, plants and greens. Professional design service and delivery service.

Freelance Designer/Studio Florists include: ($50.00)

    Individual/Designer that works for themselves out of a Studio or Home based business.

  • Individual/Designer that is employed on a contract basis.
    • Design Schools recognized by the State of Minnesota.
    • Students with Proper School ID from the above qualified schools.
    • Retired or semi retired individuals
    • Retail florist without a storefront presence.
    • Manufactures or representatives of floral supplies & accessories
    • Commercial growers and distributors of flowers & plants
    • Wire services and sub organizations thereof.
    • Organized floral associations of the above categories in or outside of Minnesota
    • Supportive industries associated with floral industry but not direct suppliers
    • Employees of business organizations who are members of the association
    • Individual supportive of the floral industry.
    • Companies in related businesses.
  • Student Memberships include: ($20)

    Wholesale Memberships include: ($200)
    Minnesota Floral Wholesaler that qualifies as a full time professional business with inventory, delivery service, a business telephone and displays a sign or: