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As you can see there are many reasons to belong to the Minnesota State Floral Association, your professional trade association. If you are a current member Thank You for your continued support, if you’re not a current member we invite you to partner with us and join the MNSFA today.

MNSFA Proposed State Wide Marketing Campaign

The sole purpose is to promote the Minnesota Retail Florist through radio ads that encompass the state of Minnesota.

Proposed Funding Sources:

Each Minnesota florist that is a member of any of the 3 major wire services will be billed for $ 5 per month MNSFA Marketing Fund. We intend to partner with the 3 wire services to collect funds from the Retail Florist and work with our Regional Providers to contribute to the fund.  Each wire service will collect $5 per month from every Minnesota Florist in their membership.  This is an “opt out” program where any Minnesota Retail florist who wishes to not participate can do so by letting the wire service know.

Thus far, Bloomnet has agreed to participate; Teleflora and FTD are currently reviewing the program.  The radio ads will be written to promote the retail florist in a positive way and to not negatively represent any other segment of the industry.

The view this  as a “win-win” for both the retail florist and the wire services.  If a consumer purchases from a local retail florist, the local florist will either fill the order or use a wire service to send it to another retail florist.

Once approval is attained from the wire services we plan to approach the regional floral suppliers and see if they will contribute to the fund by matching what the retail florist is providing or a certain percentage of it.

To roll out the program we would send a general message(s) to every Minnesota Retail Florist explaining the program and providing a web link for them to hear a sample ad.


While we haven’t contracted anyone, We have consulted with a few local Radio Stations in Rochester and Katz Radio Group out of Minneapolis, MN to see what the best way to blanket the state would be. The levels of involvement ranges from having an agency do everything (contracting with the various radio stations and producing the radio ads) to the MFA doing all the leg work.  There are pro’s and con’s to both setups.

If you have any questions please feel free to call: Phil Schroeder, Renning’s Flowers, Rochester, MN

Summary of the program:

1. Each Wire Service (TEL, FTD, BLM) charges the MN Florist a $5 monthly fee on their clearing house statement.

a. “Minnesota Marketing Fee” would be a positive way to list the fee

b. Local providers to match $1 for $1 or a certain percentage of the amount collected from the MN Florists.

2. The wire service & local provider send the funding to the MN Florist Assn. Marketing Fund on a monthly basis.

3. The # of ads and campaigns will be determined by the amount raised annually.

a. The goal is to raise a minimum of $80,000 annually

4.  A florist can “opt out” by letting the wire service know

a. A florist belonging to more than 1 wire service can participate through each wire service or can “opt out” of 1 or more of them.

5. It is important that the Retail Florist understand that this not a Wire Service Fee, but rather the Retail Florists and Local Providers working together to have a stronger voice in the marketplace and to promote the benefits of using a local retail florist.

“Approximate” # of Florists

Bloomnet          = 150 x $5 = $750/monthly, $9000/annually

FTD                  = 300 x $5 = $1500/monthly, $18,000/annually

Teleflora           = 400 x $5 = $2000/monthly, $24,000/annually

Total                 = 850 x $5 = $4250/monthly, $51,000/annually

Wire Service Contacts:

Bloomnet          David Books 612-839-8444

Teleflora           Dan Natalizio 414-975-3734

FTD                  Joann Looby 630-724-7053,

Ed Cronin 815-729-3175