MN Funeral Directors Convention

Minneapolis, MN– May 2011 — The Minnesota State Florists’ Association has been committed to support the success of Minnesota retail florists. As part of this ongoing effort, MNSFA put together a team of members to represent our collective interests at the Minnesota Funeral Directors Convention, held May16th and 17th, 2011, in Brooklyn Park, MN.

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The MNSFA presence there was intended to promote awareness on the importance and value of flowers in funeral and memorial service settings. Kym Erickson, President of MNSFA, turned to Derek Zschokke of Glassing Floral in Inver Grove Heights, MNSFA member for his considerable funeral flower business savvy.  MNSFA would like to thank Derek’s creative staff whom who were involved in creating beautiful floral displays for the MNSFA booth, demonstrating the power, and beauty, of floral arrangements in tribute settings. This year’s booth was both patriotic and impactful on Minnesota’s Funeral Directors.

Since 2010 MNSFA is committed to educating funeral service professionals, and the general public, on the true value of flowers in comforting the bereaved and bringing color, life and beauty to the funeral setting.  MNSFA boldly asks Minnesota Funeral professionals to stop using the phrase “In Lieu of Flowers” and hands out material with a list of alternative phrases for directors to suggest.  .”  The Director of the University of Minnesota Mortuary Science department asked for a handful of cards to give to each of their students.  “We want the students to know the impact that their presentations have on the local economy.”

Funeral directors who attended the convention were drawn to the MNSFA booth.  “Many really enjoyed speaking with us, and quite a few were struck by the visual impact of the display,” commented Derek “It was both a cremation and traditional funeral-based presentation”  Many directors were heard to say “Flowers are important part of the grieving process and we try very hard to suggest the alternative phrases”

Other MNSFA members who were integral in the overall success of the MNFSF effort were Rhoda Paurus of St Cloud Floral, St Cloud, MN and Steve Peterson of 38th Street Floral in Minneapolis, MN booth Both Bill Dorn Wholesale and Lakeland Floral Supply were generous donors that helped to supply flowers and hardwoods for the display booth.

Despite the brevity of the event, everyone involved felt it was quite a success. “I’m pleased MNSFA was there, and I want to thank all who helped to make this event come together so smoothly. I’m also pleased that MNSFA, through the focused efforts of our members, is reaching beyond the borders of Minneapolis to get the in lieu of flowers message out to funeral service professionals, and the general public. I’m so very proud to be a part of that combined effort.” said Kym Erickson; president of MNSFA.

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