MNSFA at the Fair

MNSFA is proud to sponsor the rotunda in the Horticulture Building for 12 days at the Great Minnesota State Fair. Again this year we will featuring MN’s Florists to deliver the message “Buy Fresh—Buy Local” We are including this message throughout the Horticultural Building. We have the following program planned and are looking to you, our members for support.

  • In the center of the rotunda a huge banner outlining the state of MN; stating clearly to support your local florist. We will list the name of YOUR SHOP & location.
  • MNSFA and Len Bush Rose will again promote a drawing for FREE “FAIRYTALE WEDDING” FLOWERS. Valued up to $5000!
  • Designer of the Year Finals will be held in the Rotunda on Aug 31st at 4 PM.
  • We are driving consumers to the Ag/Hort building with promotion of Exclusive Flower Market Sales in the Popular Dirt Demonstration location.
  • MNSFA sponsor 3 live Demonstrations in Dirt Location.

Sign up and YOU will have to opportunity to market directly to the 15,000 consumers that walk through the Hort. Building each day of the fair. For your 6 hour shift you can:

  • We require that you have FUN! The most successful participants encouraged state fair goers with live demonstrations, giveaways, games and attention drawing techniques.
  • Directly Market with coupons, business cards and/or brochures.
  • Bring photos, samples, posters, anything that promote your shops style. Dress in Matching Uniforms or Costumes!
  • Give away flowers or gift items to keep focus on you! You will have the people lined up!


Contact & promote through local TV Stations, and newspapers. We will provide support with signage and support material. We can assist in demonstrations and give away ideas.

Contact Jason Lenz at 763-473-9305 if interested in participating in this exciting event!